Why Young Professionals Should Be Buying Mobile Homes in Mesa, Arizona

buy a mobile home
If you are a young professional who has recently graduated from a university and is on the hunt for a job, you should consider relocating to Mesa, Arizona, and buying a manufactured home at Palm Gardens RV Park. Mobile homes can save young graduates from accumulating more debt than they already have while still giving them an affordable and comfortable space to live in for a lower price than renting an actual apartment. However, what does it mean to live in a mobile home?

What is a Mobile Home?

A mobile home is a house that is manufactured in a factory and is then moved on-site by movers. The benefits of a mobile home include its low cost and its ease of relocation. It is quite common to live in a mobile home in Mesa, so you will not feel like an outsider or a social inferior if you’re living in one.

Here are two good reasons why buying a mobile home in Mesa, Arizona should be on the top of every young graduate’s list:

  • 1. Low Unemployment Rate

arizona unemploymentMesa has a lower unemployment rate than the national average. For context, the average unemployment rate in Mesa is 6.5% while the national average is 7.7%. If you’re an educator or a teacher, moving to Mesa should be the top of your priorities as this city has 147 schools. Other top employers here include Banner Health, Boeing, the City of Mesa, and large retail stores such as Walmart.

In addition, the green light given for the Mesa 2040 General plan will create more in the future. At a quick glance, the plan aims to expand the light-rail line, redevelop the education system, and create a more welcoming environment for new businesses like CMC Steel and Apple to invest and open up new companies in Mesa.

  • 2. Cost-friendly

Mesa is one of the cheapest cities to raise a family. You can easily get amenities and goods that you need at more affordable prices than the national average. This makes it very attractive to students and young professionals who don’t have a lot of money to spend on housing.

This price is further reduced by the cost of the property. Renting a manufactured home in Mesa, Arizona saves you a lot of money. Even if you buy a mobile home and the land, the cost is only approximately $60,000 as compared to $270,000 of a traditional home.

Considering Mobile Homes in Mesa, Arizona

You should choose to buy or rent a mobile home in Mesa for the quality of life there while simultaneously saving on your housing costs. The wide range of attractions, easygoing way of life, and availability of jobs make it an attractive location to raise your family and is why so many young professional families are relocating to Mesa, Arizona. Also visit Tint Catel Auto Spa.